1.The earliest way to notice a trailer skid is:

A. By feeling the pull on your steering wheel
B. By feeling a jerking in the back of the tractor
C. By seeing it in your mirrors
D. By hearing the squeal from the tires

2.To prevent rollovers, remember to:

A. Keep the load centered
B. Keep the load as low as possible
C. Go slow around turns
D. All of the above

3.When traveling under 40 mph, you should follow other vehicles:

A. Only during the day
B. With a distance of one second for every ten feet of your vehicle length
C. With a distance of one second for every twenty feet of your vehicle length
D. As close as possible so others don’t cut in

4."Offtracking" occurs when you go around a corner and:

A. The rear wheels follow a different path than the front wheels
B. The rear trailer goes off the road
C. The rear wheels follow the front ones in a straight line
D. The front of the trailer pulls to the right

5.Large combination vehicles take longer to stop:

A. When they are empty
B. When they are loaded
C. Than bobtail tractors
D. It takes the same time whether empty or loaded

6.The trailer hand valve should be used:

A. Only at highway speeds
B. Only when parking
C. Only to test the trailer brakes
D. Both B & C above

7.Which one of the following statements about tractor protection valves is NOT true?:

A. It keeps air in the tractor in the event the trailer air leaks
B. It is controlled by the trailer air supply valve in the cab
C. When it closes it allows air to leak from the tractor line
D. It will close automatically if air pressure is low

8.Which one of the following is controlled by the foot brake?

A. The service air line
B. The emergency air line
C. The shut off valve
D. The hose coupler

9.A king pin is:

A. The pin which locks the air brake lines together
B. A pin which locks the trailer to the tractor on the fifth wheel
C. A pin which holds the wheels on the axles
D. The pin a driver receives for safe driving

10.The service air line is controlled by:

A. The pressure applied to the line by the foot brake or the trailer hand brake
B. The relay valve which connects the trailer air tanks to the trailer air brakes
C. The relay valve which sends air pressure from the trailer air tank to the trailer brake hambers
D. All of the above

11.The trailer air supply control:

A. Is a red, triangular-shaped knob
B. Is a yellow, square knob
C. Is a red, square knob
D. Is a red, eight sided knob

12.A device which connects the service and emergency air lines from the truck to the trailer is called:

A. Relay switch
B. Glad hands
C. Service couplers
D. Shut off valves

13.If you start a trailer skid you should:

A. Step on the brakes quickly
B. Release the brakes to get traction back
C. Use the trailer hand brake
D. Slowly apply pressure to the brakes

14.When coupling the glad hands, you should NOT do the following:

A. Clean the couplers before a connection is made
B. Press the two seals together at a 90 degree angle
C. Cross air supply lines to test them for leaks
D. Match the colors to each other, or read the tags before connecting

15.The fifth wheel should be checked to see if:

A. There is damage or missing parts
B. It is properly greased
C. The jaws are open
D. All of the above

16.When coupling the trailer, back up slowly until:

A. The load shifts inside the trailer
B. The fifth wheel just touches the trailer
C. You can see the rear wheels in the mirror
D. You hit the front of the trailer with the tractor

17.If you cross connect the two air lines the following will result:

A. Nothing, the lines are interchangeable
B. You will not have air going to the trailer brakes
C. Your tractor brakes will lock up
D. You could not move the tractor

18.You should crank the landing gear until:

A. It is six inches off the ground
B. You can clear railroad tracks
C. The crank handle is loose
D. It is as far up as it will go

19.In order to supply air to the trailer, you must first:

A. Push in the tractor protection valve.
B. Pull out the "air supply' knob
C. Stop engine so you can hear the brakes
D. Cross the air lines to check for leaks

20.In order to inspect the coupling you should:

A. Make sure there is space between the upper and lower fifth wheel
B. Check that the locking lever is in the open position
C. Make sure the fifth wheel jaws are open
D. Use a flashlight if necessary


Correct answers (Prawidlowe odpowiedzi):

1. C
2. D
3. B
4. A
5. A
6. C
7. C
8. A
9. B
10. D
11. D
12. B
13. B
14. C
15. B
16. B
17. B
18. D
19. C
20. D


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